We are partners for the production of the future

Due to consistent innovation management, ideas, diligence, know-how and flexibility we have grown to become one of the leading specialists in the planning, construction and manufacture of individual, customised system solutions in just four decades.

We see ourselves as system integrators for future oriented applications in the fields of robotics and mechatronics and supply our customers with individualised automation concepts. Know-how and experience accompany us on our path of success by following the principle of always being better than others.

BÄR Automation is a company that constantly challenges the new requirements of a dynamic market. Innovative system solutions for customers around the world are created on our very own company premises with their 10,000 square metres.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4.

Our Services:


Concept Design

The most important criterion for the development of a tailor-made automation solution is direct contact with the customer and understanding all customer requirements with regards their specific production methods. Therefore, we take time to understand our customers’ ideas and guidelines, so that we are then able to implement them perfectly in specific solution approaches. On the basis of these criteria, an individualised concept is developed in direct collaboration with the customer. The best possible customised concept is created by considering all technical and economic factors for production.

Project Planning

Production volume, product life cycle, component weight/complexity and product variety are the key factors that determine the layout of an automation system. Our claim is that we design systems that are safe investments, which can react flexibly to future changes. Therefore graduated automation stages are at the forefront of our project planning.

Construction / Development

In close cooperation with the customer, our experienced team rapidly develops market-ready customised automation systems, using the latest CAD technology. A highly responsive system solution with a perfectly coordinated automation grade emerges at the end. In close cooperation with the customer, our experienced team rapidly develops market-ready customised automation systems, using the latest CAD technology.

Finishing and Assembly

Intelligent and flexible production means that we integrate all finishing processes in our own factory. In our factory, we are able to complete all processes from the CAD drawing to the finished system. With this comprehensive know-how of all processes, we secure the highest levels of flexibility and fastest reaction times for our customers.

Software Design

We create automation software for various hardware platforms and, with this, offer our customers the complete performance spectrum of multifunctional control technology. Our core competencies include control system and robot programming through to the design of software for the master computer.


As an innovative partner we accompany our customers in all phases of realising the project, right through to successful system integration and start-up. All components are subject to comprehensive function tests here in our factory (prior approval) as well as various simulation tests under real conditions. We can therefore always guarantee perfect functionality from the first moment of operation after assembly and start-up on the customer’s premises. Your employees are trained directly on the system during the course of start-up. This is how we lay the foundations for faultless functioning and trouble-free operation.

Service (After Sales)

It is not enough to simply build a good machine. It is equally important for us to be there when our customers need us. This is the task of our highly competent service team.

BÄR provides you with efficient and professional online, telephone or on-site support.

In order to minimise downtime in the event of defects, we use carefully selected components and, wherever possible, standardised and easily exchangeable assembly groups.

Our machines and plants can be equipped with the options of remote diagnosis and remote maintenance. This way a diagnosis can be made swiftly, with efficient telephone support.

BÄR's fast and flexible service team ensures that any defects are rapidly remedied, keeping downtime to a minimum, ensuring maximum efficiency of machines and plants.