Staying one step ahead through innovation

As an integrator of systems, we offer innovative customer-specific system solutions for individual tasks.
Here, we consistently rely on the flexibilization and adaptability of production processes.


Our core competencies

Our AGV solutions offer high levels of automation and nevertheless always stay flexible and versatile in comparison with other logistic systems. They can be expanded as required and can be integrated into existing or dynamic production structures without any problem.

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Making assembly processes consistently flexible allows for efficient production structures in manual, as well as semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly systems. We integrate all the well-known brands of standard robots in order to suit your task. Our service covers both the mechanical and electrical integration. You receive everything from one source, from the gripper solution to cell control.

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Our industry expertise

Automotive, Supply industry, Medical technology, White goods, Production logistics




Volvo strengthens production expertise in e-mobility

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ROS Industrial pays off in these robotics applications

Article in PRODUKTION magazine from 2/11/2019

From navigation to human-robot collaboration: These are the best practical examples of the use of the open source software ROS (Robot Operation System) in the industry.

The system integrator BÄR Automation also works with ROS especially in the so-called FiFi® application - a gesture-controlled mobile robot - or autonomous navigation in projects with automated guided vehicle system is used.

"ROS forms a unified operating system for robots or AGV with a defined interface between individual programs", observes sales director Elmar Klamser. Without this basis, you would have to define and program everything yourself.  It would also be much more complicated to access the open source software that was programmed with the ROS framework.

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