Innovative Automation Technology

Technology plays a leading role in efficient manufacturing processes in many areas of industrial applications. With our experience as manufacturer of assembly systems and our proximity to practical use, we are able to solve any challenge as a reliable partner for our customers.


Case Study - Gearbox Assembly

The development of our BÄR ORBIT ASSEMBLY SYSTEMS allowed us to create a representative innovative system solution. Consistently making assembly processes flexible facilitates efficient production structures in manual, semi and fully automatic work procedures.

Not only do assembly vehicles transport the assembled piece but also the individual components needed for the construction. It is no longer necessary to get materials ready at the individual assembly stations. A logically designed flow principle ensures faultless quality and high levels of efficiency even when quantities fluctuate.

Case Study - Front Axle Assembly in two Cycles

Cycle 1: Pre-assembly of wheel axle

Wheel axles are assembled in pairs (corner module) on work piece carriers on solid conveyor systems (roller conveyor).

Work involved:

  • Mounting the brake protection plate
  • Joining the wheel bearing
  • Mounting the safety ring
  • Joining the wheel hub
  • Screwing on the central nut and caulking it with automatic control
  • Mounting the brake disk and brake calliper
  • Measuring the axial run-out with eddy current sensors
  • Mounting semi-automatic suspension strut

Cycle 2: Final assembly of front axle

Driverless transport systems transport the axles from one assembly station to the next. The axles are fixed onto a work piece carrier during the entire work process. The “floating” work piece carrier installations are lifted slightly if necessary at the stations by means of indexing units and are centred with high levels of accuracy. In this way, the vehicle has no force and the assembly, be it manual, semi or fully automatic, can take place to high standards of precision. The centrally controlled system offers the highest flexibility and dispenses with fixed chains between individual workstations. Only the work piece carrier is replaced when products are changed.

The system can be re-used, even when the facility is completely reconstructed.