Equipment for All Areas of Application Orientated Towards Your Needs

We offer our AGV systems with a range of various features to suit needs. The use of the latest drive and navigation technologies as well as innovative energy management enables us to optimally fulfil the specific requirements of our customers.




Our chassis with differential drive allows our driverless transport vehicle to drive forwards and in reverse. The chassis consists of two drive wheels in the centre and 4 swivel wheels at the front and back of the driverless transport vehicle to take the load.

Turntable drive

The turntable drive consists of a compact driving and steering unit and is particularly appropriate for simple, forwards driving driverless vehicle applications. This drive module is installed in the front of the vehicle and is driven by brushless DC motor.

Surface mobility (omnidirectional)

We offer our automated guided vehicles (AGV) with a surface mobility chassis on request. The drive system enables omnidirectional driving manoeuvres in any direction such as forward, reverse and sideways travel. Surface mobility chassis are therefore particularly suitable for applications in which the demands on manoeuvrability are higher. This means that docking movements at transfer stations are possible at 90° to the track.


Optical Steering System

The optical steering system is implemented with a CCD camera.
A white or black sticky tape is used as a guide track, depending on the colour of the floor. The track width is between 15 and 25 mm. The track can also be painted as an alternative.
Alternative driving courses can be easily implemented at anytime with offset points technology. RFIDs are used for points and stopping points.

This means that the driving course can be set by the operator in just a few minutes and changes can be easily made. Complex work on the floor is not required. The CCD camera is generally characterised by the excellent robustness and resistance to errors.

Magnetic Steering System

Driverless vehicles are led along a magnetic strip with the magnetic steering system. This is particularly suited to use in rough environments.

Steering System with Guide Wire

Driverless vehicles are guided along a guide wire with the inductive steering system. Using a stipulated track, the guide wire is put into a slot in the floor and cast in level with the floor.

Autonomous Navigation with contour recognition

The autonomous navigation orientates itself using the natural features of the surroundings and is based on the laser scanner signals. The starting point (current position) and target point are specified to begin. A temporary map of the surroundings is produced during travel, which is used as a basis for travel corrections. This basis navigation system can be supplemented depending on the application with the following modules: RFID measuring system, inertial sensors (acceleration sensors and gyroscope) and odometry.

Energy Management

One of the most impressive features of the ConTrax System is its unique energy management.

Energy storage devices that can be charged in seconds providing vehicles with a self-contained source of motive power form the basis for layout flexibility in changeable production structures.

The energy storage device can be charged in seconds, in parallel with cycle times.

Double layer capacitors, also known as supercaps or Boostcaps, are used for energy storage. These capacitors are very efficient thanks to their very low internal resistance. Boostcaps can be charged with extremely high charging current, and almost an unlimited number of times.

The double layer capacitor (Boostcap) is charged at charging stations located at specified distances in the plant, at the same time as the manufacturing and assembly process is performed.


  • Uninterrupted 24/7 operation thanks
to innovative energy management
  • High energy efficiency
  • The energy storage device can
be charged in seconds,
in parallel with cycle times.

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